Fayetteville Science of the Soul Study Center Map
Fayetteville Science of the Soul Study Center Map

Information Tables
Information tables will be staffed at the following hotels from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Friday, July 26th:

An area map, restaurant guide, and program brochure will be available. There will also be Information Tables at the Coliseum Friday and Saturday evenings, and under the Pavilion behind the satsang hall at the Center during the event. You may also call the Fayetteville Center at 910.426.5306.

Please also find printed flyers, charter and shuttle bus ticket order forms, and special needs applications on your sangat information table as they become available.

Lost and Found
Items lost or found can be claimed or reported at the Information Tables located in the Pavilion.

Books, Audio and Video Sales
Sant Mat books, CDs and DVDs may be purchased in the BAV Sales area in the Pavilion.

Special Needs
If you are Mobility Impaired, require hearing assistance or have other special needs, please see the Special Needs page for information and the Special Needs Application Form.

First Aid
There will be certified sevadars who will attend to persons in need of minor medical attention and first aid. This service will only be available during the hours when the Center is open for satsang. All other cases will be referred to local clinics or hospitals. Visitors are requested to travel with their medical insurance documents and medications and are expected to take care of their own medical requirements.

Local and Medical Resources
Local and Medical Resources
Download the Local and Medical Resources sheet for a listing of local pharmacies, hospitals, urgent care, and wheelchair rentals in the local areas.