Family Area Policy

The purpose of the Family Area is to provide a safe and secure environment for parents/guardians to take care of their children at the Center. The Family Area opens three hours before satsang, and closes 30 minutes after the end of satsang. Family Area sevadars are present to assist with administrative duties only and are not responsible for the care of children. Parents or guardians must be responsible for their children AT ALL TIMES, with no exceptions. For safety purposes, all children should be either in the Family Area or in satsang.

Family Area conditions of use and policies

  1. Parents and guardians must agree to abide by all the conditions for use in the Family Area.
  2. All children (0-4 years of age) must have one parent with them at all times.
  3. A parent/guardian must always accompany any child up to the age of 12.
  4. A 13 to 14-year-old guardian may care for one child, five years or older.
  5. A 15 to 17-year-old guardian may care for up to two children, five years or older.
  6. An adult (18+) may act as a guardian for up to four children, five years or older.
  7. Guardians (13-17) must arrive at the Family Area reception table with a parent to register.
  8. Children (13-15) may sit in the Family Area without a guardian to read or do homework, or engage in other quiet activity, even if they are not acting as guardians. However, they must arrive at the Family Area reception table with a parent and should not leave the Family Area until the end of satsang.
  9. Young people (16+) are requested to attend satsang. They should not be in the Family Area unless they are acting as guardians.
  10. Due to limited space in Family Area, we ask that only one parent or guardian per family accompany their children.
  11. Your child is your responsibility. Science of the Soul Study Center accepts no liability for lost or separated children.
  12. Parents/guardians must always accompany their children to the restroom.
  13. Parents/guardians will be able to listen to satsang with their children.
  14. A Nursing Area for mothers with infants is available.
  15. Children with any infectious disease such as chicken pox, measles, etc., should not be brought to the Family Area. Please be considerate of other children.
  16. No one may leave the Family Area until satsang is over or unless they are departing with their children. There will be no switching of parents/guardians between Family Area and the Satsang Hall.

Children attending satsang

  1. Children (10-12) may attend satsang in the company of a parent or guardian. Parents/guardians and children are required to sit together and may sit anywhere except in the first few rows of the Satsang Hall.
  2. Children (13+) may sit by themselves in satsang, and they may act as guardians for younger children in satsang, following the same age-related guidelines outlined above.

What to bring

  1. Snacks:
    • As no food or drinks other than water will be provided, parents/guardians should bring vegetarian snacks for their own children. Due to potential food allergies, parents/guardians should not share food with other children at the Center.
  2. Activities:
    • Parents/guardians may bring non-electronic activities and games for use by your children. Parents/guardians are required to supervise their own children.
    • Electronics: Mobile phones, pagers, cameras, binoculars, laser pointers, audio players, watches, and other devices that can record or transmit audio/video, electronic games or any other electronic items, and weapons MUST NOT be brought into the Satsang Hall, Family Area, and surrounding areas. Any such items must be left in your place of accommodation, vehicle, or deposited with sevadars.
  3. Medical Needs and Clothing:
    • Be sure to bring medications your child might need as First Aid cannot provide or prescribe any medications.
    • Due to long distances from parking areas, flat walking shoes are advised. The Hall will be cooled to a low temperature before satsang so please dress appropriately.