Those who wish to ask a question of the Master will be selected through a random drawing each day before satsang. The selection area will open at 6:30 am and close at 8:00 am after which the selection will take place. If you wish to ask a question, find your seat and then come to the question and answer selection area located at Entrance 2. If you are not selected you must return to your seat. Once the selection is complete, no one may join the question and answer line.

Questions that are not in English, Punjabi or Hindi
If you wish to ask a question in a language other than English, Punjabi or Hindi, you must write down your question and bring it to the “Translation Station” at the Q&A selection area located at Entrance 2. A translation sevadar will translate your question and write it down in block letters on a special form. If you feel that a translator might not be available for your language, please have someone translate your question into English ahead of time and bring it with you. Once you receive the translated question on the special form, please bring it with you to the Q&A selection area.

Question and answer guidelines
The Dera has asked that the following information be provided with regard to questions:

  1. Questioners must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Questions should be short and precise.
  3. Only one question should be asked.
  4. Questions should be spiritual in nature and not about personal, financial, health, family, or political problems.
  5. Questions should not be asked on behalf of others.
  6. Long notes or poems or letters should not be read out.
  7. Do not interrupt the Master while he is answering your question; let him finish speaking before responding.

If there are separate microphones for dual languages, you will be selected and placed in line according to the language that you stated you will ask your question in. You must ask your question in that language.

Please remember not to ask the Master personal questions about his health, family, appearance, nor questions about new photos, recordings etc. The Master reminds us that the path is about the teachings and not personality or physical form.

Let us show our gratitude by following these instructions from the Dera.

Requests of the audience

  1. There should be no clapping at any time during the program.
  2. Please respect the privacy of those asking questions and do not turn to look at the person asking a question.